Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vengeance Comes, Birds To Fly, Hopes And Dreams Comes: Fall Hits, Falls Of Snakes, Falls Of Fools.

Red Notes, Always And Forever, Story Teller..Happy Notes, Not 4 Sale, Hearts Or Babes: View Charles R. Jarrot's: bigger dick, like granddaddy, Paul Jarrot. ...Good times......Good and close, Vengeance Comes, Birds To Fly, Hopes And Dreams Comes: Fall Hits, Falls Of Snakes, Falls Of Fools. Jewish White Whales, Sleep together, family fucks, hill billies, goats and sheep, white thing? Hacked my mother accounts.... Hackers now, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, along with basket cases, cum suckers, crooks and liars: hate to love, love and hate, horns to see, horns of a goat, birds and bees. Hello Uncle Rick, Rachel butch, Rachel jarrot, wigs off? .... fish that got away from hell on earth camping in RV by the beach. He does need to talk about lines crossed, what about Elisa Jackson again? Help for a undead and unstable fool like him, peace and love by the sea, prayers also.

Colors of the rainbows, colors of matters of the heat of the matters, hearts and horns, tales to spin, crows to fly, songs to sing, great day on the right side of the grave, hopes running high.Vengeance Comes, Birds To Fly, Hopes And Dreams Comes: Fall Hits, Falls Of Snakes, Falls Of Fools.  Dreams in people, dreams in food to eat, dreams of trips to the hell not on the top spot. Birds and bees, American dreams, homes and houses, warm farms, fires in the woods. Fairy tales, birds to fly away, hopes and dreams with the limits of the sky. Drama dreams part of live, tales left behind, donkeys in the winds. Fuck to give, fucks to keep, out of fucks to give, fuck off, piss off, clear pictures, of views of others, coins to flip. Love and hate, have to go, dances in darkness, death with a vengeance, nice word, another one, to know on sight, thanks for the word of the day. Pages to turn with a vengeance now, hops of frogs, dances with sands with snakes, tales of monkeys, year of everything happen, 6 ways count the letters, signs in the air. 

Third eye open, notes from the nines, dreams in the movies, notes to matters of the world. Tales told long ago, fights to come, battles and wars, friends and family, turning faces in the dark. Notes of the last dazes in the sun, stories in the movies, stories in the songs left behind, angels in the air, dead and gone, birds and bees, singing songs for years. Signs of the times, love and light, love and hate, love and devotion, men and women, dances done forever, joys and pains, in the grow, to watch your steps, to choose the mountains to climb. Take your time, it does not matter, time to learn the rules, To give to better than to take, notes from sisters of color, notes of earth angels on earth, notes to freaks, frogs and snakes, red blood under the skin. Vengeance Comes, Birds To Fly, Hopes And Dreams Comes: Fall Hits, Falls Of Snakes, Falls Of Fools. 

Faces to hide, horns to hide, views to hide, not in this world, in a world of happy dazes to come. Happy dazes come and gone, happy dazes in the sky, stars to shine, birds to sing. Rats to races, rats to horse and pony shows, rats to races for fame, cash and looks, freaks and frogs under the skin, friends, family and foes, I live in the threes, born in the relms of the nines, from parents the perfect 25, and 26, in so many ways, words to the witty, worry no more, light is coming. Hopes and dreams, not to crash, not to burn, to give more, and take less, notes of mind, golden rules, some times you win, some time you loss, some time you learn, coins to flip, cards to read, good times, tales to spare. 

Light and love, love and hate, coins to flip, truthful and honesty, notes to learn, words to define. Vengeance Comes, Birds To Fly, Hopes And Dreams Comes: Fall Hits, Falls Of Snakes, Falls Of Fools. Punch lines in the worlds of fools, in the lights of only me, snakes and fools rule. No cans for a 6 pack, not a 6-pack at all, in the land of monkeys, tales to swingers, trees to snakes. Vengeance in the words, vengeance in the tales, vengeance in the lessons learned, vengeance for the tests over time. Eagles to fly higher out of the rain storms, no look for shelter, fly higher above the rain, tales in the air. Stars to shine, tales of the birds to fly away, American Girl, American Dreams, American Veteran, lost and alone. Stuck for a moment or two, stuck in a den of snakes, stuck for years in the military, more tales to spin of the graces learned with Uncle Sam. Notes of mistakes that need mending, how to do that, ways to cross the valleys of fools. 


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Happy Tips, Tales, Lover For Hits
Hope to life to god and country.
 Dream wishes go hand to hand.
Hands ups not hand outs needed
Life to laugh, life to live daily.

Give back, for the desires for more pennies.
Pennies more, not pennies less always best.
Pennies, nickels, dimes with dollars for the rest.
Cups filled, cups running over daily quest , seven times.

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